"No child, no woman, no human being​, should be selling their bodies for survival. It's a shame on our civil society, if we allow it to do that.

So every person, in every corner of this world, needs to

raise a voice and say this has to STOP" - Urmi Basu




Dancing 4 a Change

Dancing 4 a Change

Our Mission is to help support the fight against violence, abuse and sexual exploitation, especially in our own community. D4aC works within partnerships and collaborations using the art of dance to raise awareness and support local organizations working to protect, empower, and rehabilitate those touched by human trafficking.

D4aC chose dance because it is an activity of joy embraced by nearly every person on earth, and it is a powerful human experience through which to shine a light on this issue in the hope to one day break all chains.

Because we believe that all women, children and youth, deserve to live a life of love, respect and freedom from violence, abuse and exploitation. 

People should not be bought and sold.

Statistics from the Polaris Project, the world’s biggest anti-human trafficking organization states that 27 million people are trapped in human trafficking. 80% of these are women and children exploited by the commercial sex trade. 

Empowering Lives 
One Step At A Time
Dancing 4 a Change (D4aC) is a non-profit organization that works to generate public awareness about the violence, abuse and exploitation of women, children and youth in our society.